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Not one to be limited by labels or preconceived notions of what constitutes a sleeper sofa—as solely a place for sitting butts—we have the sofa bed. A modern-day Renaissance couch. It’s 50% bed, 50% sofa, and 100% a good idea for making the most of your space.

Sama al jazeera furniture catalog of mid century modern sleeper sofa display like a team of exceptionally comfortable transformers, each with their own specialty skills for particular situations. There are casual three-seaters, modern sofa sleepers with removable top cushions that can go from hosting a couple of friends over a few glasses of wine to a bed for said friends in a blink; stylish mid century sofa sleepers that masterfully tie a living room together in one moment, then turning it into an impromptu bedroom with ease in the next; spacious sectionals that fit the whole family on movie night and can open up to fit two families on movie night, if you know your neighbors well enough; and of course, the explosives expert.

Mid century modern sleeper sofas like the Soma and Oneira are dressed in plush fabric in a variety of colors and contain uber-cozy memory foam mattresses—not to make your current bed jealous or anything. The sleeper sectionals also come with fun bonus storage features: their Chaise modules open up like a Pez dispenser to hold bedding, board games, your stash of snacks, folders of very important documents, a shoebox full of coupons that you’ll totally use at some point, gym socks that you’ve inexplicably hidden your entire life’s savings in coins inside of—whatever you like.

The versatility of the sofa bed is also an easy way to open up your space, big or small. Living in a size-deficient studio apartment? Boom. A combination sofa/bed has just freed up some much-needed square footage. When it’s your turn to host the family over the holidays, all of the guests rooms fill up, and your cousin with the aggressive sideburns is left beadles? Pop open that sleeper sofa. There you go, cuz.

If you’re looking to maximize your space, comfort, and add effortless new style to your home, take a look through our selection of modern, mid-century, and contemporary sofa beds.

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